Restaurant and bar

The Megri Restaurant, with its kitchens, cosy secret bar and visitor reception area, operates in the old main building. The entire facility has been renovated, redesigned and beautifully decorated by architects Nina Kosola and Arto Liimatta. Breakfast is provided in the pleasant Koivula restaurant located right next to Mekrijärvi.


At Megrin Matkailu, we seek to use as many local ingredients as possible. These include berries and mushrooms picked from local forests and juice produced by local berry farmers. The meals are prepared from start to finish in our own kitchen using Finnish ingredients. We offer Karelian pies prepared in Ilomantsi and bread baked in Mustikkamäki.

Megri’s Karelian buffet menu

Karelian pies with egg butter
Fresh salad, beetroot salad and mushroom salad
Crushed lingonberries

Dry-cured salmon and smoked salmon

Swede and carrot boxes
or cooked root vegetables
Karelian stew

Home brew, juice and water


Coffee / tea

Megri pork menu

Karelian pies with egg butter

Dry-cured fish
Fresh salad with the house’s salad dressing
Beetroot and apple salad with cottage cheese
Lingonberry relish

Cauliflower gratin
Pork fillets
Forest mushroom sauce

Home brew, juice and water
Blueberry pastries with ice cream

Coffee / tea

Megri freshwater fish menu

Toasted house bread
Nettle soup

Freshwater fish and salmon rolls with cream cheese
Wild herb salad with the house’s salad dressing
Forest mushroom salad
Lingonberry and pumpkin relish

Organic honey root vegetables
Mashed potatoes
Flavoured sour cream sauce
Roasted freshwater fish or salmon

Home brew, rhubarb juice and water

Cranberry cheese cake

Coffee / tea

Megri lamb menu

Karelian pies with egg butter

Fresh salad, feta, olives
Cabbage and lingonberry salad
Chicken and pasta salad with fruit
Cucumber and melon salad

Smoked vendace
Fish pate

Mashed root vegetables
Roasted beetroot with blue cheese
Lamb roast

Home brew, juice and water

Berry salad, caramel sauce

Coffee / tea