Apartment accommodation on the shores of Lake Mekrijärvi

Accommodation facilities

There are three accommodation buildings at Mekrijärvi Saga Parki: Mäntylä, Leppälä and Haapala (extra accommodation space also available in Koivula restaurant).

Mäntylä is located closest to the shore, next to the smoke sauna. It contains eight one-person rooms and four two-person rooms, giving a total of 16 beds.

Leppälä, located just next to the main building, has two floors. The building contains four apartments each with six two-person rooms, giving a total of 48 beds.

Haapala is located just behind Leppälä. Haapala has three apartments, two four-person rooms and one three-person room (pets allowed). This adds up to a total of 22 beds.

All apartments contain a kitchen, showers, toilet and TV.

Entire apartments can be booked, not individual rooms.


Group bookings or stays longer than one night

Are you planning a trip with a group (need for three or more apartments) or do you need accommodation for a longer period of time, e.g. because of work. Please contact us through our contact form http://megri.fi/en/contact  inquiring about availability and accommodation offer.

Mäntylä 1-4, Hostel apartment for four

from 160€ the apartment has 4 single bedrooms, kitchen, toilet and toilet/shower
1-4 persons
4 Bedrooms
No smoking

Come stay on the shores of the beautiful Lake Mekrijärvi

The Mäntylä house has two floors, and the house has 4 separate apartments for 1-4 people. The Mäntylä house can accommodate max. 16 people. Apartments numbers 1-4 and 7-10 each have 4 single bedrooms, a kitchen, a toilet and a separate toilet/shower. Apartments numbers 5-6 and 11-12 each have 2 double bedrooms, kitchen and WC/Shower. Apartments on two floors, numbers 1-4 and 5-6 are on the top floor and have their own balcony. Numbers 7-10 and 11-12 are located on the ground floor and these apartments have their own terrace.

Haapala House

Three separate apartments with a total of 22 beds

The Haapala house is single-storey and has three separate apartments for 6-8 people. Each apartment has its own kitchen, toilet / shower and separate toilet.

Leppälä House

Leppälä House

Four separate apartments, a total of 48 beds

Leppälä House is the largest and two-storey house in Mekrijärvi. The house has four separate apartments for 12 people. Each apartment has its own kitchen, toilet / shower and separate toilet. It can accommodate even a larger group / family. Ideal for camp schools, penitentiary camps, etc. that require a lot of beds