Accommodation facilities

There are three accommodation buildings at Megri: Mäntylä, Leppälä and Haapala (extra accommodation space also available in Koivula restaurant).

Mäntylä is located closest to the shore, next to the smoke sauna. It contains eight one-person rooms and four two-person rooms, giving a total of 16 beds.

Leppälä, located just next to the main building, has two floors. The building contains four apartments each with six two-person rooms, giving a total of 48 beds.

Haapala is located just behind Leppälä. Haapala has three apartments, two four-person rooms and one three-person room (pets allowed). This adds up to a total of 22 beds.

All apartments contain a kitchen, showers, toilet and TV.

There is also a accommodation in the Koivula restaurant: a comfortable apartment with two bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen, located right on the shore.

This gives a total of 4 beds. The beds are new and of good quality, and have been praised by guests.

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