Banquet hall

Banquet hall

Yliopistontie 4, 82900 Ilomantsi

Min 50 persons
Max 100 persons

The beautifully renovated banquet hall of the main building can accommodate around 100 party guests to enjoy the party food of Megri's restaurant. The building and its grounds located on the shore of Lake Mekrijärvi are perfect for holding even large parties. There is plenty of accommodation in the area and you can reserve a smoke sauna for your guests.


  • Distance to airport: 71 km
  • Distance to train station: 64 km
  • Distance to bus station: 14 km
  • Distance to nearest store: 14 km
  • Distance to nearest ski slope: 47 km
  • Distance to nearest ski trail: 0 km
  • Etäisyys vesistöön: 0 km
  • Distance to border crossing point: 89 km
  • Nearest border crossing: Niirala
Banquet hall from €500 / 10h
Yliopistontie 4, 82900 Ilomantsi

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